Our 1 Hour Special Executive Breakfast Sessions

Now, time could no more be a constraint!

Bringing us in just for one hour in any of your executive breakfast meetings or management sessions could be all you need to bring fresh perspectives and insights into your senior team members and managers in the areas of:

  • Organizational agility
  • Systems thinking
  • Strategic thinking
  • Building a culture of innovation
  • Building a culture of accountability
  • Building a culture of commitment
  • Ownership thinking
  • Helping leaders build more trust
  • Focusing less on becoming the best company
  • Team building in tough times
  • Leading by doing
  • Executive communication
  • The power of paradigm shift
  • The strategic way of viewing competition
  • Why positive thinking is not enough
  • Any other area(s) of concern to your organization

To book us to speak for 1 hour to your boards, executives, senior management and managers during your next sessions,

About our fees: Our fee for this one hour strategic sessions starts from N1,000,000.00.