Is your company experiencing: Driving desired change issues? Growth & profitability issues? Strategic planning and innovation issues? Leadership development issues? Lack of ownership mentality? Employees’ commitment issues? Accountability and trust issues? Tough challenges working as a team? Please talk to us and those issues will turn to results – we are here for results

Some of our Clients

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Welcome to MCL

To us in MCL, your visit simply means one thing to us – you are in agreement with us that what makes an organization successful yesterday may not bring about success today. With the complexities in today’s businesses no one can boast of having the monopoly of success.

So in MCL, we have a mandate to help organizations become agile, strategic and systemic in managing all facets of their business operations – that way they are not buffeted by uncertainties and complexities.

With our strong capability in Systems Thinking – in the entire West Africa region, we have succeeded in continuing helping organizations to become the architect of their future by developing the culture of agility, culture of innovation, culture of accountability and ownership – and we can do same for you.

In general, we would like to work with your organization’s boards, CEO, managers and collective workforce in areas that will make them become more strategic in their thinking, more strategic in their planning, more customer focused, develop their leadership acumen, and improve team cohesion – and at the end your organization’s performance will soar.

We look forward to adding value to your organization!
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1 hour Special Executive Breakfast Session.
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What are your organization's biggest strategic mistakes?
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One Trait Every CEO Needs in Tough Times
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What our clients are saying about us
  • Bringing Mentoring Consult Ltd to our group of companies to take us on “Driving Results in Difficult Times” was a great way to start the year. Now, everyone is eager to deliver results.

    • Arc. T.C Awagu
    • President Pyramids Plc, Pressto Nig., and IIHT Nig. Past president, Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce, Past president, Institute of Directors of Nigeria (IoD).
  • Mentoring Consult Ltd trained our entire organization at a time we needed everyone to run with the vision of the company. That was a good decision for me and the entire workforce.

    • Mr Kayode Afolabi
    • Managing Director, Bravo Equipment & Allied Services Ltd
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Our June 2018 Open Programme

Building a Workplace Culture of Accountability and Ownership. (June 21-22, 2018)

Turning around an organization to achieve an increased accountability and ownership is one of the best things that can happen in an organization. This training is designed to help organizations build the right foundation for ownership and accountability – and at the end take people away from the unending blame game, and also what we call “good reasons for failure mentality” and the “salary will always be paid mindset” to create a culture of ownership and accountability – where everyone is more than willing and eager to bring results to the table.

Tuition: N225,000.00Register

Building Organizational Agility in Tough Times
(June 27-29, 2018; July 16-18, 2018; Aug 8-10, 2018; Oct 10-12, 2018)

Today's complex businesses needs leaders and managers who can embrace change fast, adapt fast and create value fast in the midst of challenging situations. This training is designed to challenge organization to break away from the status quo mindset that hinders growth in these complex, uncertain and unpredictable business times – and begin to drive their business growth with agility. This training reminds us that as businesses continue to deepen in uncertainties and become more unpredictable, organizations that will survive and thrive will be those that will consistently demonstrate agility in the face of any circumstance.

Tuition: N305,000.00Register